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a holandesa que pintava sorrisos

"the jolly troper" (1629) de judith leyster

sobre o quadro acima, “jolly troper” (1629), e os sorrisos na pintura:

This last painting — this plump, gregarious man — it struck me. It looks like a bad Photoshop job. It looks like a botched anachronism. The man’s tunic, hat and vessel look early modern, but his face looks like a caricature from the 20th century. I half-expected him to be some 1940s character actor, a face grafted onto a 1620s body.I think it has to do with his smile. You don’t see smiles like that in portraits. … But I’m not used to seeing smiling subjects set in the past to be, truly, envoys from and creations of the past. Without ever planning it, smiles became little historical wayfinding aids: A big, happy, drunk dude like this, his face like a stylized photograph, has to be post-1900. (fonte)

* * *

sobre a vida e os quadros de judith leyster:

* * *

depois de casar e ter filhos, a pintora de pessoas felizes não pintou mais.

como tantas outras mulheres talentosas ao longo da história, judith não tinha (na expressão de virginia woolf) “um teto só para si”.

* * *

um beijo em você, judith.

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